Emperor Keepsake Urn

Cute Aphrodite urn designed to keep a very small portion of your pets ashes or a lock of fur.

2.8 inches high

Nevada Keepsake

Beautiful heart shaped keepsake with paw imprints that can contain a small amount of your pets ashes. It may also be suitable for your cat's ashes.

Memory Bear

Luvely cuddly Teddy Bear with a specially designed zip compartment to secretly hold your pet's ashes within a velvet pouch. The Memory Bear is 17 inches tall and rests naturally in a sitting position. (Please note that for larger breeds of dog, the compartment will only be able to hold a portion of your dogs ashes).

Ashes Pendant Keyring

This discreet memorial keepsake is made from high quality stainless steel, with a paw imprint inscribed around the barrel. A perfect keepsake for a small amount of your pet's ashes.